3 Loops | 12 Legs | 50 Miles | 12,500 ft. gain | 1 Incredible Day

The Herd Relays

The Herd Relays consists of 3 loops which each must be completed 4 times for a total of 12 legs.  Each team member (either 3 or 6 people) must complete at least one leg for their team.  We have intentionally designed the courses and format of the event to encourage strategizing amongst teams. Who will do the steeper loop?  Who will do the longer loop?  Who will run 4 of the legs while everyone else heads to Big Sky Brewfest early? There are many paths to a successful day at the Herd Relays, so start your scheming now!


Herd Relays Base Camp

The Herd Relay Base Area (a.k.a. The Wallows) in Big Sky Village is where all the magic happens.  This is where you and your team can set up shop for the day. This is where ALL loops begin and end. This is where all transitions will happen. This is where live results and team standings will be displayed. This is where all of your wildest dreams will come true.*

*We cannot guarantee your wildest dreams coming true.

Loop #1 | Coolridge

Distance: 4.65 Miles

Vertical Gain and Loss: 1250 ft up | 1250 ft down 


Loop #2 | Gambler

Distance: 5.3 Miles

Vertical Gain and Loss: 1350 ft up | 1350 ft down.

Loop #3 | Moosetracks

Distance: 2.25 Miles

Vertical Gain and Loss: 550 ft up | 550 ft down

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